Obsah výcviku



  • BodyVoice  mindfulness
  • Původní hlas - původní Self
  • Vokální a tělesná autobiografie
  • Muzikalita
  • Mytologické Self
  • Zkušenostní anatomie a Ideokineze
  • Expresivita v těle (Laban Movement Analysis)
  • Preverbální komunikace: schopnost dialogu , empatie a kultivace vztahů
  • Terapie a autentická kreativita
  • Rituál formou performance jako základní nástroj pro transformaci
  • Kruhové rituály - terapeutický setting v autentickém pohybu a hlase

BodyVoice is a process of reconstructing organic connection linking breathing, movement and voice. This renewed basic connection enables to release the flow of natural healing forces, creative energy, vitality, and spontaneity. By that, it recovers the organic connection between body, mind, emotions and soul. Voice and movement are the main language of our inner life. Language reconnecting with our unconscious roots as well as our collective sources. Our vitality, health and joy emerges when connecting to these deep roots.
During this process, we go through an "evolution", a re-development that recovers our connection with different conscious levels and modes of expression, accessible for us during the pre-linguistic period as children. This development brings us back to our body - a connection to our true authentic self and to the wisdom of natural healing. The process creates changes in the body-mind patterns as well in our relationship to ourselves and to others. It widens our capabilities of coping with the world from a place of creativity and mindful presence.
While returning to our body's natural rhythms, we experience release of the free voice, carried by the pulsations of our body's musicality.
Through the voice release, we open up to the colorful musical language of inner life, expressed by improvised dancing and singing. We can bring forth variety of voices within us, a variety of inner characters. The freed voice brings up the possibility  to open blocked emotional traumatic experiences to a new flow of life. We access  archaic body memories, and contact fully the world of vocal and visual images by entering the world of body rhythm, sounds and melodies of the present moment.
Working goals:

  • Vitality, Spontaneity, Creativity, Flow, Flexibility, Improvisation as a source of ongoing change
  • Body/mind presence / Mindfulness
  • Grounding  and  occurring natural wave of movement through the spine
  • Development of living and breathing core, able to act upon an impuls
  • Exercising mental and physical recuperation in order to develop physical, emotional and spiritual intuition.
  • Develop access to the body's natural musicality.
  • Deepening the capacity to listen to internal rhythms, inner voice and impulses.
  • Deepening and enlarging the capacity for dialogue and regulation between the internal rhythms (I) and the external rhythms (the world).
  • Expanding the ranges of movement and voice (expanding the possibilities for emotional expression using the body and the voice)
  • Exercising multi-dimensional presence  (my presence in the world)
  • Coordination and balance of four centers: mental, emotional, physical, instinctive (harmonic development)
  • Balance between active and passive, between non-doing and doing, between the emergence of impulse and the action itself
  • Expanding the inner space for silence and for the emergence of movement and precise action from the place of silence
  • Exercising the ability to contain contradictions and rapid changes
  • A combination of spontaneity and awareness allowing freedom of choice and being chosen (by the flow) at the same time.
  • Art of a lively dialogue with a partner and with a group
  • Ability to express one's self in the world without fears and inhibitions ("what will people say?")
  • Skills which will develop our unique artistic expression in the movement and voice

BodyVoice Method acquires skills for creative personal development, for artistic development and for training teachers and assistants in this method.     

The work draws from many different sources: Feldenkreis, Alexander technic, Laban Movement Analysis, Continuum movement, BMC, Hakomi somatic psychology as well as from the Shamanic teachings of Maud Robar and Jerzy Grotowski.  Above all there is many years of personal studies, research and being curious about personal development through body wisdom.