Přihlašovací proces/Harmonogram/Cena


Application procedure:

1. Curriculum Vitae ( Czech or English)
2. Letter of Motivation (in Czech or English)
mail to: renadance@gmail.com + smadaremor2@gmail.com

By applying you agree with the new law of processing personal data according to GDPR.  More information

Format of the program:

Four teaching blocks per year: Winter - 5 days in Prague
Spring - 5 days in Prague
Summer - 5 days in Prague Summer week 8 days in countryside

The blocks in Prague will always begin on Friday evening (5-9 p.m. ) and will finish on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Schedule 2018-19:

November 16-20, 2018 April 12-16, 2019
June 14-18, 2019 August 4-11

The whole program of 570 hours: EUR 3.800,- (not including Practicum)

The program can be completed in three years, but the applicant has an option to extend the studies according to his/her possibilities with an agreement of the faculty teachers.
The payment is paid separately for each teaching block, always paid 2 months prior to the teaching dates.

Price for each block (5 days) : EUR 275,- Summer block (8 days): EUR 440,-

Facilitator/Teachers` Requirements:
1.Practicum: After finishing the program, the applicant is practicing within the group

under the teacher`s supervision ( 5 day session).

2. Practice: The applicant is practicing on his/her own with an individual or a group (12 sessions).

3. Final exam:

Research project : written and demonstrated.


Rena Milgrom: renadance@gmail.com

Smadar Emor: smadaremor2@gmai..com

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