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"I enjoy awakening authenticity in people and watching them gradually change and find their sources. I find it fulfilling to see how together we create a special, sometimes sacred temporary autonomous zone..."

Rena Milgrom (ČR) CMA, TPT, RSME

Studio owner, dancer, instructor, certified movement analyst (LIMS, N.Y.), registered as a Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist (ISMETA), dance and movement therapist (TANTER). 20 years experience in the field).

Author of the Conscious Body program with a focus on somatic education. Teaches both non-dancers, i.e. the general public, and dancers in the DanceLab studio.

"Somatics has changed my life, values, world view and art. Nowhere have I received such a comprehensive understanding of life around me and within myself. And I know that I want to keep studying...and that my learning will never be complete."


Anna Línová, Mgr.art, IDME

She graduated from the eight-year Dance Conservatory in Bratislava, then from the Academy of Performing Arts in classical dance pedagogy and a few years later from the Infant Developmental Movement Education at the Body-Mind Centering® school. The marked contrast in content, but especially in the approach to education at these schools, has greatly influenced her attitudes and thinking about relationships of various kinds, and thus her performance, teaching and personal practice.

As a dance interpreter and performer, she has collaborated for a long time, especially with Anka Sedlačkova (SK), director Anja Hlaváčová (SK) and choreographer Ioana M. Popovici (RO). Since 25 years she has been working as a dance teacher at various art schools and has long been involved in somatic work with the general public in the DanceLAB studio.

Currently she is preparing a participatory sensory performance for children from 1 - 3 years and their parents with the group Ostružina z.s. She is interested in relationships and the influence of physical space on children's physical development. In interdisciplinary projects she repeatedly deals with somatic processing of the topic of rest for teachers and parents

"I like to dance. And I like to dance with other people and I like to watch people dance. I like to use the theoretical knowledge of anatomy, physiology and specifically ontogeny as motivation to dance. I am interested in this journey from theory to dance and the question "what does it mean for me to dance?"

"I see the somatic approach as finding and living our nature, humanity and interconnectedness. It leads me home - to myself, to myself. I am fascinated by the wisdom of the body and also by the resources for recovery, healing and growth that we can access through conscious attention in the body."

Lenka Sabolčáková, Ing.

I focus on somatic work with the body in the form of touch and experiential movement. I respectfully explore how the body in itself and in movement expresses all that we are and also reveals to us what we could be - our potential...

I have completed a three-year Somatic Education and Self-Experiencing Body Aware program with Rena Milgrom, which draws theoretical foundations from Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals™, Body Mind Centering™, Authentic Movement. I am currently a fifth year participant in the Continuing Studies program. I am pursuing further study of touch bodywork, movement studies and body processes.

I believe that deeper, intimate attention to the body is a pathway to healing, personal integration (on a physical and non-physical level), supports our authenticity and deepens our connection with other people and the environment.

 Zuzana Vlčinská, Mgr.

Lecturer of experiential singing, musicologist, therapist, lecturer of the Czech Orff Society

"In my work I combine voice, movement and imagination. I am interested in the psychological and physical processes related to singing and music interpretation. I believe that the voice, and even more so singing, has the ability to connect and tune different parts of our body and soul."

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