In-Soma Therapy and accompaniment



Movement/somatic/dance therapy

Therapist: Rena Milgrom, RSME, CMA, TPT (Certified Somatic Movement Therapy Instructor, Movement Analyst, Dance Movement Therapist)

The therapeutic process allows

  • Alignment and harmonisation of the relationship with oneself, one's environment and family

  • More skillful and accurate verbal communication and ability to express oneself
  • The ability to listen to the body, feel it and find refuge in it
  • Gradual acquisition of skills to work on the following levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What is somatically oriented therapy ?

It is the space and time in which I, as a therapist, use "somatic empathy" to choose and facilitate a process with a client. Being with the client focuses primarily on bodily sensations and then we enter from the body into life issues. The client may come with physical pain that affects the emotional and mental planes or vice versa. In somatic therapy we start from the body plane, but the goal is to integrate all three.  We give space to the wisdom of the body, reflect, and look for connections. (60-80 min)

How does this therapy work?

In my work I emphasize the art of "being together".  I use knowledge from Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, dance-movement therapy, Hakomi Method (body-oriented therapy), Body-Mind Centering, somatic psychology, and trauma work. I motivate body awareness, grounding, nervous system regulation, emotions and guide clients to touch what is important. I work with touch when dealing with pain and issues on a physical level. I also work with the voice. Sometimes we move together, other times I am a non-judgmental witness.

    Who am I offering this therapy to?

    • Anyone who is struggling with their relationship with themselves - their self-worth and self-acceptance, their relationship with others, and with their body

    • Clients with depressive states, trauma, neurosis
    • Those who come with physical pain
    • As a prevention of burnout syndrome
    • Clients with Parkinson's disease
    • Anyone who wants to develop personally

    More about Rena...  Booking a date in the schedule...

    Contact:, 608 435 999

    IN-Soma times with Rena can be found in the booking system

    Price: 1100 CZK / 70 min

    In-Soma – your encounter with yourself

    Guide: Anna Línová Mgr.Art, IDME

    In-Soma is a space for individual meetings with a touch therapist. The starting point for the therapist's touch work is the client's assignment or need. Both roles, therapist and client, are active in the sense of attention. The therapist touches the client and directs the client's attention to a specific place in the client's body. In doing so, he or she not only creates a space for the client's active self-perception, but together they create the moment for initiating the process of change. Because somatic touch affects both the physical and mental layers of the person, the change can be better breathing, pain relief, deep relaxation, but also a sense of integration, release of accumulated emotions, or sheer joy... The session begins seated or lying down and takes place in comfortable clothing.

    The session is formatted as 60 minutes of somatic touch and/or movement work and 15 minutes of verbal sharing at the end of the session.

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    Contact: 775 948 658

    In-Soma times with Anna: Monday 10:00 -11:15 or Friday evenings by appointment

    Meeting price: 900 CZK

    The meeting must be paid in advance to the account number 2172072173/0800. In the message to the recipient, please write the name of the lesson.

    In-Soma bodywork 

    Guide: Lenka Sabolčáková

    Bodyworkis a conscious work with the body and touch, paying full attention to what is happening in your body. Through conscious and focused touch, gentle manipulation and sensitive bodywork, we create space to enliven the tissues, regulate the nervous system, and turn our attention inward, to our bodies. We learn to feel our body, to be aware of what is happening in it and how it feels to us. It leads us to be more sensitive to ourselves and more attentive to ourselves in our daily life and actions.

    When your current topic, need or frame of mind calls for it, we work in movement with the inner bodily sensations and experiences that the topic manifests. We follow and develop what is present. Underpinning this work is my knowledge based on body-mind approaches, focusing, touch therapy, anatomy, developmental kinesiology and movement analysis.

    Together we create space for a personal conscious body experience that is healing, restorative and even transformative.

    Sessions are held in comfortable and lightweight clothing. We start from a relaxed position lying on the mat.

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    You can find the In-Soma times with Lenka in the Reservio booking system

    Price: 900 CZK

    It is possible to arrange a date individually. I also go to clients' homes.

    Voice Therapy / Experiential Singing

    Therapist: Mgr. Zuzana Vlčinská

    • individual voice rehabilitation through voice techniques and with the sensitivity of a psychotherapeutic approach

    • a safe space to search and discover one's own uniqueness through the body and vocal cords
    • weekend and multi-day workshops - working together with music, voice and movement

    Zuzana has therapeutic training, 20 years of experience in the field and experience working with the body.

    Contact: - tipy na výlet